Telemark Lovers

if telemark was a book...

The sense of fullness experienced by anyone who reaches the top of a mountain for the first time is a rich and simple emotion at the same time. An undescribable feeling, comparable only to the fulfillment of man's desire to be in harmony with the nature and with himself at the same time Those who fall in love with telemark find the same emotion in this practice, learning the technique and mastering it becomes not only a physical exercise but a spiritual one that tunes your own vital energy with the spirit of the mountain. No going back: after having discovered this treasure of sensations and this depth of contentment renounce it becomes a sacrifice

Getting good costs effort. It is an exercise in humility, especially for those who are strong skier and find as a real big obstacle, in addition to teaching (a few teachers) and the equipment (difficult to find), one's own skiing competence, to which one owes to give up coming back to be a beginner

A small price to pay, because the value of what you have in exchange is priceless! Every day in the mountains with telemark teaches us something new, every climb, every curve is never trivial or equal to itself, never just "mechanical", there is always one component of experience that gives a moment of growth and ... is addictive

If telemark were a book it would certainly be an adventurous novel, not one of those to read and then forget but one of those that remain inside you and change your life: it would be the Iliad, War and peace, Journey at the end of the night, Infinite Jest ... There would be epic and adventure, a compelling storyline, dense and new every day. A reading that first entertains you, then asks you questions and at the end stays under your skin, changing you, making you a different person, more rich, ultimately better ... Telemark was my Iliad

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Living Telemark, Body And Soul

telemark is like walking...

I've never met a telemarker who wasn't a strong skier before ... it's a way of thinking rather widespread but not entirely true. If I look good among the people with whom I have skied in these years I find exceptions and I think it is a fortune. On the opposite side, I challenge you to find someone among your telemarker friends who is not a true mountain lover! It is like if the passion for telemark is the consequence of love for mountains. It is like, for those who love life in the mountains, the telemark is set as a necessity, the toll by which the fullness in the relationship between the lover and the object of his passion is manifested

What to the external observer looks like a harmonious dance of whoever ride a slope playing with the force of gravity in a measured ballet, in reality it is a loving skirmish. It is the gesture of a lover who respects the body of the beloved finds pleasure not in the violation but in the caress

The telemark technique is above all sweetness, moving in the mountain in a respectful way for the environment and the body When learning telemark tecnique, the hardest thing is to forget how to ski but once the mind becomes free, the body frees itself and it is its natural biomechanics that guide us to "close the curve".

The common objection that "telemark is tough" is true until we want to telemark skiing with the rudeness imposed by the technique of alpine skiing and when we want to measure our satisfaction with the parameters of traditional skiing When instead we let our body move freely and dance without frenzy with the mountain then we discover that we can ski all day without feeling effort!

The telemark technique is not as rigidly dogmatic as that one of alpine skiing and from our experience, we know that the most elegant style is also the most efficient and less energy-consuming

The secret of telemark is that to be elegant it is enough to put one foot in front of the other, just like you do for walking. Seek for yourself, or rather with the teacher, a guide or a mentor, your way to achieve elegance and there you will also find the perfect technique. Remember that the telemarck is a sensual dance on the snow, so ... look for the harmony in the movements of the pelvis and your center of gravity will move favoring the rhythm of your curves

More satisfaction, more smiles, less injuries and a more fitting body, here's another gift which makes us every day our favorite way of sliding.

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Old School New School

Be cool, ride telemark …

Another myth that must be dispelled is that telemark is an "old school" technique. This affirmation derives mainly from the laziness of the commentators who describe the phenomenon without knowing its true essence and without investigating the origins of its return,today Undoubtedly, telemark has ancient origins and this remains a value to be rightly proud but a today telemarker resembles to the one of the origins no longer of how a skyrunner can look like a late nineteenth century staid mountaineer with knickerbockers and monocle!

Having to frame something "unusual" the temptation is to resort to some of the known category and the one most readily available is the nostalgic mountaineer. Instead, the reality is that a star was born, a phenomenon that did not happen before

Telemark in Italy, has no more than 40 years of history behind; when we we started practicing it 20 years ago, we were not already pioneers, but we had the fortune to have as teachers and fellow skiers those who were true pioneers The first to bring telemark to our Alps were not "rigid guardians of the order constituted ", indeed!

They were freestylers and interpreters of the most avant-garde ski for those times! Traveling around the world they discovered that in the USA alongside the nascent movement of snowboarding was spreading a new way to go to the mountains. The first telemark skis brought from the USA represented not a tribute to the tradition but the opportunity to bring something new, a step further.

In more recent years, before the freeride "fashion" and ski alp as we know today broke out, telemarkers were one of the few new elements in the world of backcountry. Our "multi-purpose" equipment has always offered us more freedom; the first freeride skis as we call today I saw years ago at the foot of a very cool telemarker, when everyone was still running around with less than 60mm skies under the feet.

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Free Style In Free Ride

Telemark allows you to express your uniqueness and then ... it's fun!...

Among all the snow sports, where everything is standardized and established by the leading companies marketing choices that dictate fashions and trends, telemark always represents a song of freedom: a concept around which continue to rotate products conceptually and constructively very different and above all infinite ways of living the passion.

In telemark world there is not and there will be (hopefully) never a single way, everyone will give more importance to one aspect over another, giving rise to a unique and personnel interpretation who transcend the approvals: 75mm, NTN, spring cables, 2 pins, 3 pins, leather boots, low or high boots at 2, 3 or 4 hooks, narrow skis, fat skis, twin tip, super light ... what is there about "old school"? the answer is nothing ... Telemark is the essence of contemporaneity!

Telemark interprets that way of being inside one's passions but outside the box, combining the elements of tradition and the most innovative innovation to create a mix unique and personal. Telemark gives us the power to express our uniqueness, and at the end of the day ... it is simply funny

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What Kind Of Bindings?

long life at 75 mm! ....

In spite of the Cassandras who continue to repeat that the telemark movement does not grows, objective data such as the number of boots sold or the number of participants in gatherings and events, tell us otherwise! Telemark, even without any help in terms of media visibility, continues to develop, according to different and unpredictable trajectories, following the fashions of the moment, sometimes even risking a bit of distortion.

We are convinced that despite the current trend in terms of sales promotes the 2 pins and the NTN standard, the best way to interpret the telemark remains standard 75 mm. Certainly not in the name of "tradition" but because we think better than other solutions allow you to fully interpret the spirit of telemark, to accompany naturally the neophyte to discover this world, to favor a skiing "Light" and elegant allowing each telemarker to express their style with greater naturalness and fluidity at every level of experience.

For telemark to remain a space of freedom and experimentation we are convinced that the presence of different standards is a resource for the movement but we are also convinced that the 75 mm allows a more harmonious and original expression of the individual technique and help us preserve the uniqueness of telemark by moving away from the risk of homologation and focus on performance, which we believe is one of the limits of today's alpine skiing.

This leads to our strategic choice in terms of design and consequently ours will to bring our contribution to the growth and evolution of telemark following a trajectory that we think is fluid and coherent like the curves we like to draw on immaculate slopes ... long life at 75mm

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