Flower Powder: Touring & Fun

First Track supports the Sustainable Outdoor Days of the Milano Montagna festival 2020 to spread Freeride and Telemark and celebrate the link between Outdoor and sustainability!

For the occasion we offer you a new version of our #DEMON, with a completely new graphic dedicated to Mrs. Mother Nature, but above all with a new lightened construction dedicated to those who, in addition to going strong downhill, are looking for lighter tools for climb more easily

The same four shapes, already appreciated in the #DEMON CLASSIC version, but with new thicknesses and materials to satisfy even freeriders looking for a fun ski, but with a greater vocation to the backcountry

#Demon 88
Slim profile, agile and with a racing footprint. Baptized for off-piste, perfect to show off on milled snows. For the advanced skier who comes close to true freeride and looks for a suitable tool for the backcountry, for exploring the mountains but also for the days on the track.
size 124-88-112 mm
Heights 170 - 180 cm
weight n.d.
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#Demon 100
The "wide-area" Allmountain Ski, perfect for off-piste use, does not fear any kind of snow! For the freerider looking for the right tool to always have in the car, because we all look for powder, but then we want to have fun with any snow conditions; with the "100", at the end of the day, you always come back home with a smile.
size 130-100-120 mm
Heights 165 - 175 - 185 cm
weight n.d.
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#Demon 107
107 Born off-track to go fast on deep snow. For those who feel the vocation of freeride and are looking for a tool to easily climb the first track and then run to do the second, third, fourth ...
size 135-107-125 mm
Heights 171- 179 - 187 cm
weight n.d.
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#Demon 120
Big Mountain's fattest and most massive ski to fly on powder. For the experienced freerider who wants a special tool for the days of super powder, because life is too short to ski with any skis when luck and constancy allow you to be in the right place at the right time
size 138-120-127 mm
Heights 190 cm
weight n.d.
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