Born To Freeride

The expert hands of ours craftsman combine materials chosen according to tried and tested methods of shaping skis

Our production is completely handmadeEach ski is built with time, care and passion which a unique product requires. A classic composition with layered layers with a mix of our favorite materials:

  • Esteemed ash wood for the soul
  • Fiber glass and carbon fiber for a perfect mix of flexibility and strength
  • Unsole and lamina race for maximum fluency. A preparation with Tuning and "ready to race" imprint, which you do not expect in a freeride ski.

The body
The wooden cores, the glass and carbon fiber layers are modeled and the angles of the sides are defined with the use of profiling machines

The soul
Steel molds allow the coupling of individual layers with maximum precision. The gluing machines create a homogeneous sandwich and adjustable presses allow to define the character of each model by varying the camber and the roker and giving each ski a different soul

Already so beautiful, our "naked" skis come to the hot press that transfers the graphics to the surface through sublimation to give our creations their unmistakable livery. The surface finishing is in embossed polyamide, with a unique appearance and a protective effect: being impregnated by the color in the printing phase, it makes less evident even deep scratches and preserves the appearance of the ski over time

The first characteristic that you will love in your #DEMON will be speed, thanks to a perfect preparation with Tuning and "ready to race" imprint

The bow on the package
Before presenting to the world each pair of skis, shiny and well-dressed, it is then branded and numbered by hand. Each piece is made with time and care, because each First Track Ski is unique as it is your passion for the mountains

Do not be afraid to use your First Tracks even in the most extreme conditions: Put them to hard trial, the raw materials quality, the special construction process and the craftsmanship attention in each phase guarantee that your skis will always perform season after season. These skis are designed for intensive and professional use, every time you will prepare them you will find them perfect, like the day the left our laboratory