The Bindings Obsession

The right premise is that in our life of Telemarker we have tried all the bindings on the market, looking for the ideal harmony. In designing our bindings, the search for this ideal led us to discover the "invisible"! Invisible not to the eye but to the body: neutral in the movement, to support and exalt the wonderful technical gesture of the telemark without polluting it with reactions induced by the tool itself.

FirstTrack telemark bindings are designed:

  • To accompany progressively the natural movement of the telemark turn both in flexion and release, without blinside
  • To keep the skier's heel perfectly in line without this affecting the compression and release movement of the spring; this to guarantee a feeling of total control and fluidity
  • To make the Telemarker perceive the centrality of the ski, thanks to a structure that does not induce deformations to the sole of the boot, avoiding the annoying effect of embarking.
  • For comfort and easy utilization thanks to the "alpine style" fit.
  • For the safety utilization both in powder and on piste thanks to the skistop that avoids the anchor effect in avalanche typical of the traditional leash and avoids that every fall can turn into a danger for others and for our precious skis.


#Demon 88
Slim profile, agile and with a racing footprint. Baptized for off-piste, perfect to show off on milled snows. For the advanced skier who comes close to true freeride and looks for a suitable tool for the backcountry, for exploring the mountains but also for the days on the track.
size 124-88-112
Heights 170 - 180
raggio h170 18 m
raggio h180 20 m

#Demon 100
The "wide-area" Allmountain Ski, perfect for off-piste use, does not fear any kind of snow! For the freerider looking for the right tool to always have in the car, because we all look for powder, but then we want to have fun with any snow conditions; with the "100", at the end of the day, you always come back home with a smile.
size 130-100-120
Heights 175 - 185

#Demon 107
Born off-track, rigid and stable like two train tracks to go super-fast on deep snow. For those who feel the vocation of freeride and look for a tool to leave the first perfect track and then run to do the second, third, fourth
size 135-107-125
Heights 171- 179 - 187

#Demon 120
Big Mountain's fattest and most massive ski to fly on powder. For the experienced freerider who wants a special tool for the days of super powder, because life is too short to ski with any skis when luck and constancy allow you to be in the right place at the right time
size 138-120-127
Heights 179 - 190